*Our first fundraising event for 2017 will take place on May 20 and 21 at Oak Ridge Park. We will be helping with the lemonade shake-up stand during the lacrosse tournament. Please sign-up using the link below.
* Splash For Cash will be held on Friday, June 30, 2017.  Every swimmer will be asked to swim a goal number of laps.  Swimmers may receive sponsors for their laps but it is not a requirement to participate in this event.  Swimmers will swim their laps during their scheduled practice times.  Example, a 10yo swimmer who can swim 4 laps may make a goal of 6 laps.  A grandparent may sponsor the swimmer for $1 per lap.  Upon the Splash For Cash lap completion, $6 would be donated to the Washington Water Jets.  Splash For Cash will take place during the regular Fun Fridays.
*Papa John’s is supporting the Water Jets by offering a long-term fundraiser.  If you need 30% off any regularly-priced order, use code: WWJ30.  The team gets 10% of your purchase!