General Info


Registration will open on April 2, 2018 for previous Water Jet swimmers. Registration forms will have to be completed in person at the Washington Park District Office, 105 S. Spruce St.

General registration will open on April 9, 2018 and can be completed online or at the WPD office.

Open House Dates:

Saturday, April 21, 2018 9:00AM-11:00AM

Stroke Clinic:

A stroke clinic or pre-season warm up will be offered again this year. It will appear in the Washington Park District Spring catalog.

3-2325-18  Level 1           Mon & Wed   April 30-May 23 5:00-5:45PM        $35/$40

3-2326-18 Level 2            Mon & Wed  April 30-May 23   5:45-6:30PM       $35/$40

2-2327-18 Level 3            Mon & Wed  April 30-May 23   6:30-7:30PM       $35/$40

Level 1 = Able to swim length of pool independently any stroke

Level 2 = Able to swim length of pool freestyle and backstroke

Level 3 = Able to swim all 4 strokes

($resident/non resident fee)  Location: Five Points Washington Pool

Water Jet Practice Schedule:

Practices start Thursday May 31st and will be at the following times for the first two weeks:

11 yr old & Up : 8:00-9:15AM

9-10 yr old: 9:00-10:15AM

8 yr old & Under: 10:00-11:00

Regular Practice Times start Monday June 18th at the following times:

11 yr old & Up : 7:00-8:15AM

9-10 yr old: 8:00-9:00AM

8 yr old & Under: 8:45-9:30AM

Swim Suits are ordered through the Life Guard Store at

Team Username: washington

Team Password: jetsswimteam

The Water Jet logo suit is currently available on the team site. If you wish to purchase a black or orange/black suit you may do so from a vendor of your choice.