WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR OUR THE LEMONADE SHAKE-UP FUNDRAISER! There is a lacrosse tournament held at Oak Ridge Park in May and as a fundraiser,  WWJ volunteers run the lemonade stand. Please consider taking a time slot!

I want to volunteer for the Lemonade Shake-Up fundraiser!

It is expected that each family provide a volunteer twice during the swim season. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Training and/or mentors will be provided! We will be using Sign-up Genius to coordinate our volunteers. Below are descriptions of the volunteer opportunities.

http://www.signupgenius.com/findasignup  (search by email under: ajpauli@yahoo.com to find the Water Jet Sign-ups!)

Here is the list of our home meets and the direct link to volunteer:

June 6th, Tuesday – Time Trials

June 13th, Tuesday – Metamora Home Meet

June 20th, Tuesday – Roanoke Home Meet

June 27th, Tuesday – East Peoria Home Meet

July11th, Tuesday – Tremont Home Meet

July 18th, Tuesday – Pekin Home Meet

July 22nd, Saturday – Tazewell County Meet at Five Points

Volunteer Positions:

Set-Up: Get out and set up all equipment and supplies needed to run the swim meet. Includes lane lines, announcer equipment, starter equipment, tables, chairs, flags, stopwatches, etc. Must arrive 60 minutes prior to the beginning of the meet.

Starter: Instruct swimmers to step up, take their mark and start the race.

Head Timer: Ensure all timers have working stopwatches. Time each heat as a backup in case a timer has a timing issue.

Timer: Time each heat in an assigned lane, record swimmer’s time on the lane time sheet and hand off to the runner when sheet is completed. There are two timers in each lane so that if there are any malfunctions, such as a broken timer or a time is missed then a time is still recorded in each lane.

Runner: Distribute time sheets to timers in each lane. Take time sheets from timers following each group of events, place them in order and deliver to scorer’s table.

Bull Pen: Organize and direct swimmers to the proper lanes by lining them up by heats in rows of chairs.

Ribbons: Place labels on appropriate ribbons for each swimmer and event and organize ribbons for distribution.

Place Judges: At the conclusion of each race, record the order of finish (by lane) on heat sheet.

Announcer: Welcome everyone in attendance. Announce all information pertaining to the swim meet including calling swimmers to the bull pen. Call out event number, age group, gender and event name for each heat.

Tear Down: Put away all equipment and supplies at the conclusion of the meet.

Event Recorder: Number each Event with the corresponding number from the timing system.

Fun Friday sign-up link.